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Celebrate Earth Day .... Everyday!

At J&K Pet Services our goal is to practice Earth Day, every day! All the little choices we make add up and we want to offer two ways we help save our planet!

Earth Day Tips:

  • When training our dogs accidents happen, but there are eco-friendly solutions. Tackle carpet stains and odors in an environmentally friendly way by soaking them in vinegar and sprinkling baking soda on top. Enzymatic cleaning of accidents is very important to fully eliminate odor and stain. This is a very economical trick while helping our planet

  • A product we use and promote for grooming your dogs is Tropiclean. We love their ingredients and the effectiveness of their product. They offer all kinds of shampoos and conditioners, including flea and tick! Some of the shampoos we've tried that are environmentally friendly did not have the lather that was expected, as well as more product was needed to be effective, Tropiclean does not disappoint us in that department!


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