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Product Highlight: Easy Walk Harness by Petsafe

At J&K Pet Services our trainer Jen can train you and your dog how to master loose leash walking. Schedule your training session, we offer group and private lessons.

Sometimes we need a little help with the loose leash walking as they are learning or if your pup has a tendency to pull a lot. This is where the Easy Walk Harness can be very helpful!

You may have invested in a harness to avoid your pup choking themselves while walking, however you probably were not anticipating the harness turning them into a sled dog!

Harnesses in general comfort a dog's chest, encouraging pulling and strengthening those chest muscles.

The Easy Walk Harness is a game changer harness for any dog with a tendency to pull. Rather than comforting their chest, the easy walk gently pulls the shoulders together making it, so your pup is correcting themselves. With the shoulders being gently pulled together, your pup will have to step back (let the leash be loose) in order to easily move forward. It significantly decreases their ability to yank the leash, making your walks much safer for yourselves and your pup.

The only downside is occasionally a dog that is used to pulling hard could potentially take a couple nose dives when the shoulders come together, but they will quickly learn by correcting themselves in the process.

Stop in today to try out an Easy Walk Harness to make your walks more enjoyable and help your dog learn faster.

Below is a link to Petsafe's handy fitting guide!

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