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Product Highlight: KONG CLASSIC

Welcome back to our blog, today we'd like to highlight one of our favorite in-store products, the Kong.

In our opinion, Kong's are the best interactive mental activity toy you can buy your dog. It is long lasting for each use, as well as can last your pets lifetime.

A tired dog, is the best dog! A lot of times we think of tiring our pets in physical ways like walks etc. Which is wonderful, but sometimes we need these mental activities to occupy our pup while we are working or just simply having a lazy family day. A couple of Kong's a day can help keep the zoomies away, destructive behaviors, and unwanted attention seeking behaviors, such as nipping at us or chewing on furniture. One of the best parts about the Kong is it is one of the very few toys where your pup can likely be unsupervised AKA great crate toy! We always recommend first few times of using any toy to be supervised.

How to stuff a Kong: Check out the graphic here to get some tips. You want to start easy, loose enough mixture of kibble and peanut butter that you can shake it and hear it. They won't last as long but as they get used to the game of it, they will begin to get better at cleaning it all the way out.

Then, you can gradually stuff it tighter and tighter, then freeze it!! Katie and Jen's dog's get a frozen Kong while we are at work and it lasts them around 40 minutes, tiring themselves out!

Check out some fun recipes for your Kong here:

We recommend something crunchy and something soft, so peanut butter and kibble is a great example. Cheese, soft dog food, bananas, veggies, and so much more!

Kong offers 3 levels of durability to the Kong. The light pink/blue Kong's are for puppies, so the density isn't so hard to protect those baby teeth. The classic Red is great for the average dog, while they also offer the Black Extreme Kong which is extra dense for our intense chewers. They also come in many sizes to accommodate each dog, and each dog as they grow.

Feel free to ask us any questions about proper toys for your pets! ~ J&K

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